• Ericson Yabut

Time Management Workshop

Hello everyone!

We recently held a Time Management Workshop on March 7th at the Honors Lounge arranged with the help of Tara O'Callaghan, PIHRA's (Professionals in Human Resources Association) president as the start of AHA's connection with PIHRA for more academic workshops and presentations.

The workshop discussed techniques on how to formally set up your own schedule with an interactive activity called "What's on my plate?" and prioritize based on the three Ds (Do, Delay, Delegate) and Drop format. This workshop was a sound success as it taught us how to cope with time pressure and other activities, which is certainly more relevant for an average student surviving multiple subjects in college. Be sure to join us at one of our future workshops with PIHRA if you haven't already, as there will be many interesting topics to cover right in the Honors Lounge!

Link to Tara's Time Management Powerpoint:


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