AHA Tutoring

Do you have downtime in between classes? Are you interested in becoming a Peer Tutor?

Sign up with us at AHA! We will be facilitating a voluntary tutoring program this year for all members of the Honors College. We will have a binder located on the book shelves in the computer room for tutors to sign up with their contact information and any subjects or courses they would like to be a tutor for.

While we encourage all tutors to take advantage of the Honors lounge space, it is completely up to tutors and their tutees on where you want to meet, so be sure to keep in contact with each other.


Are you struggling in classes? Do you need help from your upperclassmen?

For anyone that needs tutoring, you can leaf through our binder of tutors and message them personally.

This program will be held year-long, and tutors can sign up any time. Contact Cory Iler, Junior Cohort Representative, at hooray4coraay@yahoo.com to sign up as a tutor!

We hope everyone can participate in our program!

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